dinsdag 2 januari 2007

Xaviera getting married.

It is really true:
Xaviera Hollander got married.
It was a wet and rainy day but she didn't care.
At 9.30 AM in Stadsdeelkantoor Zuid Xaviera Hollander said Yes, I will to Philip de Haan.

Only very intimate friends and relatives were present.


Xaviera Hollander (de Vries), famous as "the Happy Hooker", got married in Amsterdam , the Netherlands, at 10 a.m. January 2, 2007 to Philip de Haan.

Ms. Hollander (63) and Mr. de Haan (53) were married in a quiet ceremony attended by family and friends.

The Seventies Sex Icon, when not traveling around the world giving lectures or producing English-language theater plays, intends to continue her Bohemian lifestyle in Amsterdam and her second home in Marbella. She remains busy as the charming hostess of her unique Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam that caters to an interesting international crowd.

For further information she may be contacted at 00 31 20 6733934
or xie@xavierahollander.com


for pictures please contact Tony Newitt at newphoto@xs4all.nl

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